Cutting templates angel

Cutting templates (pdf) for standing angel with trumpet or book.

Print out on beautiful paper, fold in half and cut out the angel.
If you are going to use old magazines, you can cut it out and use it as a template.

Angel with trumpet is folded length. Angel with book is folded width and is suitable for a standard envelope. You can decorate and write the Christmas greetings on the back.


Apron Pippi

New in the webshop; sewing pattern for Pippi apron.

Instructions are in Dutch, I made translation for you:

There are 3 drawings:
Till length 116cm, fabric 55x85cm
Till length 152cm, fabric 70x110cm
Till length 176cm, fabric 85x130cm
The apron may fall over, make it rather too large than too small.

Working method:
Draw back and front part in full size and stick the parts together. You make the apron from one piece.
Strengthen the 4 shoulder pieces with an extra piece of fabric (for the buttons and button holes). You can assemble the apron with a band, a seam or decorative stitch. Or you can make the apron of double fabric.
All sizes don't have seam surcharge. If you seam or make the apron of double fabric, then cut 1 cm extra around.
You can make 1 or 2 bags. In the Pippi movies the apron has 2 fairly large square bags (15 x 15 to 20 x 20 cm) to the side.

Pattern drawing at full size:
Make the rectangle, pull a midline.
Turn points on the indicated places.
Pull the straight lines along a ruler.
Pull the other lines as fluid as possible through the points.
Shoulder front piece with buttonhole middle on dotted line: extension with a half circle between the 2 points.
Shoulder back piece with button middle on dotted line: extension with 1 to 1.5 cm between the 2 points.

Paper treat box

Printable for a treat box. For knights, pirates or birthday-party's.

Size made; 9 cm wide, 6 cm deep and 7 cm high

Easy to make (cut, fold, glue).

You get 3 PDFs, one with pirate, one with shield and one with space where you can write name or age.

Invitation printable (printable)

Invitation for a birthday party
Size; 2 invitations on a paper (A4 or US Letter, you got both formats)

Black/white pdf to print out. Fill in the details for the party with one, or more cheerful colours.
Beautiful on thicker paper.

You can order this product here.
Pay with creditcard.